CU Services

No more running around paying bills, looking for stamps or licking envelopes. Save time AND money from the convenience of your home! With just a few clicks of your mouse your monthly bills will be paid in minutes.

Direct Deposit

Why wait in line or drive in bad weather to deposit your paycheck? Sign up for Direct Deposit and your paycheck will automatically be deposited in your Yuma County Federal Credit Union account. You can have money distributed within your account, to other accounts, or make a loan payment.

Payroll Deduction

At Yuma County Federal Credit Union you can deduct an exact amount of money from your paycheck each pay period and route it to individual YCFCU accounts. Send money to savings each pay period to build for the future, or automatically make your loan payment, and never worry about a late payment again.

VISA Debit Card

The VISA Debit Card allows you to make purchases that would otherwise require writing a check. The card then automatically deducts the amount of the purchase directly from your checking account. You also have the convenience of using your card at any ATM that displays the VISA logo. (Subject to approval)

VISA Credit Card

The VISA Credit Card is accepted worldwide. Our low interest rate of 12.9% and no annual fee makes this a convenient and economical method of payment for your purchases. (Subject to approval)

CU Money Card

Yuma County Federal Credit Union offers the CU Money Re-loadable Debit Card which enables you to load money onto the card and use it like a debit card, without the card being directly linked to your account.

VISA Gift Card

With the VISA Gift Card, you can load a specific amount of money onto a VISA card and give a special gift for any occasion.

YCFCU Teller Checks

YCFCU Teller Checks to a third party are available at both locations for a fee of $1.00 per check.